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   The trickling of power from the mightiest person on Earth seems unlikely to abate. Donald Trump will fight to stay in the White House, on spurious grounds, but much of the world is moving on from the US election. Foreign leaders are congratulating the man they  refer to as “president-elect” Joe Biden. Most Americans themselves are resuming their lives: neither the street parties nor the pro-Trump rallies are typical.
Republicans can hasten the process, and salvage some honour, by urging Mr Trump to accept defeat. And not just in private. So far, most of the pressure to that end has been coded and covert.
  If high principle is not enough to motivate Republicans, the party should heed at least its self-interest. It would be foolish to go into the run-off races that might settle the Senate with a reputation for bucking the voters. By ceding the high ground to Mr Biden, Republicans also risk prolonging what is likely to be the briefest honeymoon of any recent president. The sooner he is universally seen as the new power in the land, the sooner he can be held to accoun   Challenging the result also obscures the fact that it was better for Republicans than many had expected.
  It will be difficult for Mr Biden to transform the US in a tangible sense. But an improvement in tone and ethical conduct is almost as precious as any legislation. Mr Trump deepened and widened America’spartisan rift, though he did not invent it. His successor can start to narrow it again with his conciliatory manner of leadership. Democracy requires the consent of the loser and the magnanimity of the winner. If the first is missing, the second is presently on show from a laudably restrained Mr Biden. He must keep it up even if his party clamours for a more strident government in  word and deed.
  Just as Americans have some promise of normality at last, so too does the outside world. Mr Trump has disrupted an international order that is imperfect but superior to the known alternatives. Familiar allies and multilateral bodies were scorned: unsavoury leaders were succoured. With few Congressional limits on his foreign actions, Mr Biden can undo this element of Trumpism in short order. Again, gestures and rhetoric matter. At least for four years, democracies would have a friend in the White House again.
  You would not know from the jubilantly beeping horns in Washington but, upon its announcement 18 months ago, Mr Biden’spresidential candidacy drew groans from Democrats. The likes of Bernie Sandersand Elizabeth Warren wowed the left far more, while even moderates had hoped for a fresher face. In retrospect, though, he was the most fitting choice for the times. Across half a century in public life, Mr Biden has been two things: bipartisan (to a fault, say Democrats to his left) and committed to the post-1945 international system. Both of these causes are in dire need of shoring-up. Neither an ideological fire brand nor a neophyte in foreign affairs would have been ideal for the role.
  That he was elected with anethnic-minority woman is also striking in the year of the George Floyd killing.Kamala Harris will be of more than symbolic value — 78 this month, Mr Biden will have to delegate to her and others — but the symbolism shouldnot be minimised. Redressing America’s inequities,without entering the terrain of the “defund the police” left, is still another gauntlet awaiting the new administration.The troubles dogging the US do not stop with the coronavirus pandemic and the economic shock that it has inflicted. For the first time in a while, though,they are up against a sincere and well-intentioned president.


     地球上最有权力的人在渐渐失去实权,这一趋势似乎已不可逆转。唐纳德•特朗普(DonaldTrump)为了留在白宫,将会祭出种种站不住脚的理由,但世界上大多数人已接受美国大选结果。外国领导人纷纷祝贺“当选总统”乔•拜登(Joe Biden)。在国内,大多数美国人正在恢复自己的生活:街头庆祝派对和支持特朗普的集会都不多。
   有一点你不会从华盛顿驾车者表达欢庆的鸣笛声中听出,但事实是,拜登在18个月前宣布角逐总统候选人资格之举,曾引发民主党人表示不满。伯尼•桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)和伊丽莎白•沃伦(Elizabeth Warren)等人对左翼更有号召力,而即使是温和派也希望换一张新面孔。不过,现在回想起来,他是当下最合适的选择。在半个世纪的公共生活中,拜登有两点比较突出:两党合作态度(在民主党左翼眼里,他在这方面过头了),以及致力于1945年后的国际体系。这两项事业都亟需加强。无论是意识形态上的煽动者,还是外交事务上的新手,都不是理想人选。
    在黑人乔治•弗洛伊德(George Floyd)被警察杀害的这个选举年,他的竞选搭档是一名少数族裔女性这一点也令人瞩目。哈里斯(Kamala Harris)将不仅具有象征意义——本月将满78岁的拜登,将不得不把职权下放给她和其他人——但不应低估象征意义的重要性。在不理睬左翼提出的“停止给警察拨款”(defund the police)的情况下纠正美国的不平等现象,是新一届行政当局面临的又一项挑战。困扰美国的麻烦,并不止于新冠疫情及其带来的经济冲击。不过,这段时间以来终于有一位真诚而善意的总统来着手处理这些麻烦了。


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